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Welcome to MAXcard Rewards, proudly operated by The Ambassador Card


Just as RE/MAX MAXcard is the easy way to pay your rent, MAXcard Rewards is the easy way to save!

RE/MAX MAXcard automatically comes with MAXcard Rewards giving you discount purchasing power nationwide. There are no points to earn just instant savings!

You can save hundreds at more than 1650 retailers across Australia - from supermarkets to restaurants, hotels, cinemas, and more.

Simply use your RE/MAX MAXcard displaying The Ambassador Card logo at participating retailers to receive instant savings. And what's more, you can save at the same retailer again and again so go ahead and reward yourself with MAXcard Rewards.
To find a MAXcard Rewards retailer near you, select your state and desired category above. You can start saving today!

Member benefits include:

  • Prepurchase supermarket gift cards and save up to 5% on groceries, petrol and more
  • Save 25% (up to the capped value at each establishment) at many top quality restaurants
  • Save up to 50% off the rack rate at hotels, motels, bed & breakfasts and resorts
  • Receive two for one entry or substantial discounts at great attractions, museums, cinemas, cruises and zoos
  • Save on everyday and travel expenses such as car hire, travel bookings and live entertainment


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